Tuesday, May 31, 2011

High Blood Pressure - tips to lower high BP

High blood pressure or hypertension is pretty common even among young people. When I started selling supplement from home back in year 2009 and make a living from it till today, I think…high blood pressure is the second highest inquiries that I’d received after diabetes and pcos (amount of queries receive for diabetes and pcos diseases more or less the same). So, I guess it may beneficial to some if I write some tips and natural treatment for high blood pressure.
Ok firstly, to treat high blood pressure, we need to know some of its common causes, basically from where it comes from lah…
  • Old age. As we age, our arteries sometimes stiffen, causing the heart to work harder to push the blood, which leads to high blood pressure.
  • High blood pressure can also be caused by other medical conditions, such as kidney and thyroid diseases, and even sleep apnea.
  • In women, birth control medications or hormone medications may cause slightly higher blood pressure.
  • In children, high blood pressure is usually a symptom of another underlying medical condition. Very often, doctors are unable to diagnose the exact cause of high blood pressure.
High blood pressure is medically treated with prescription drugs, however, dietary and lifestyle changes often prove to be just as effective. Treating high blood pressure with supplement and natural remedies is relatively simple.
How to treat High Blood Pressure with basic nutrition supplement.?
Vitamin C Nutritional Supplements
High blood pressure has been associated with low levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C supplements are therefore taken to lower blood pressure. Additional studies are underway to determine how vitamin C prevents high blood pressure.
Calcium Nutrition Supplements
Supplements containing the mineral calcium have shown benefits for high blood pressure. Calcium is vital in the function of muscle tissue, which plays a role in maintaining the arteries and the muscles of the heart
Co-Enzyme 10 (CoQ-10) Supplements
Another supplement to consider for treating high blood pressure is called coenzyme Q10. CoQ-10 is a compound in the body. It is believed that CoQ-10 deficiency may be a cause of high blood pressure. Early studies show that persons who take supplemental CoQ-10 can often discontinue prescription medications for high blood pressure.
Fish Oil Nutrition Supplements
Fish oil supplements are made with the oil processed from the fatty tissues of fish such as salmon or tuna. Fish oil capsules are often consumed as a source of omega fatty acids. According to an August 2002 medical study published in the Journal of Hypertension, individuals with high blood pressure should take fish oil capsules because they may reduce the health risks and symptoms associated with high blood pressure.

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  1. First of all, drink lots of water daily which keeps you active and energetic. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables daily. Leave the saturated and starch full food. Use low cholesterol oil like olive oil and canola oils and finally stop smoking. Avoid intake of salt and do exercise at least for half an hour.