Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lower your blood pressure naturally

Doctors Prove That 82% Of Even Resistant Hypertensives* Can Achieve Lower Blood Pressure By Harnessing The Body's Own Natural Pressure Regulator...

High blood pressure is surely one of the most frustrating conditions you're ever going to face...
Herbs, supplements and even superfoods offer countless health benefits. I use many myself for various purposes. Unfortunately, the bulk of evidence shows that their effect on blood pressure is limited. So, despite what you may read, you are not likely to beat hypertension with these types of remedies alone.
Blood pressure is a response to complicated metabolic processes, particularly in your blood chemistry. Elevated pressure is telling you that your system is out of balance.
But beyond that, the causes of hypertension are numerous and complex, many of them still unknown. Even lifestyle, often cited as the best strategy against high blood pressure, is sometimes impotent against it. So you can have high blood pressure even with the lifestyle of a saint!

If hypertension doesn't kill you, maybe the drugs will...

Then there's the pharmaceuticals that everyone is so eager to avoid. It's not just the side effects. Many people would consider it a fair trade if the drug would just do the job on their blood pressure. But that's not a sure thing (far from it!), not even with the most powerful drugs...
Has your doctor told you that the most effective blood pressure medication - diltiazem - achieves only a 63% response rate?*
* According to a landmark survey for the Veterans' Administration that serves as a basic medical reference.
The result is that successful drug treatment often requires multiple medications, which may improve the results but also compounds the risks and side effects.
Herbs, supplements, superfoods and even powerful medications: such consumable remedies are rarely enough to beat high blood pressure on their own.

Nothing worthwhile - like controlling your blood pressure - is ever totally effortless...

Likewise, NOTHING is going to significantly impact your blood pressure instantly or with zero effort.
The only truly effective, long-term strategy to beat high blood pressure usually requires that YOU take an active role in your own health. It's a holistic approach that includes diet, physical activity, stress relief and much more... yes, in other words: it takes lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle again!

"What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Blood Pressure"
"The most important thing I want to tell you about high blood pressure is that it can almost always be lowered with lifestyle changes...
But the conventional medical wisdom is that patients won’t make lifestyle changes, and so the automatic response to high blood pressure is to prescribe a drug that will reduce it.
I believe—and there is plenty of research to support me—that these drugs have just as good a chance of killing you as the high blood pressure does, especially if you don’t really need them."
John R. Lee, M.D.
Virginia Hopkins Health Watch
That's right... and I get tired of hearing about it too! But there's no denying the importance of lifestyle to your blood pressure.
Of course not all high blood pressure is  lifestyle-related. But experts claim that up to 95% of hypertension cases could be resolved through healthy changes in the way we live.
Even if you're fit and healthy and think you have a good lifestyle, chances are there's something unseen in your life that's causing your hypertension. It's often stress or a combination of issues.
But what can we do about it?
Sure, we all want to look and feel good, but a major lifestyle makeover can be a long, hard slog. Sometimes you don't even know where the problem lies. And just as the causes of hypertension can be a mystery, the results of lifestyle changes can be unpredictable. They come with no guarantee.
For some of us the whole situation can seem next to impossible...
Isn't there another way???
YES, while a healthy lifestyle remains your best long-term strategy, a group of hypertension specialists have come up with a remarkable development. Their breakthrough can not only help you to control your blood pressure naturally but it can also help to kickstart that healthier lifestyle.

The method is a relatively easy "lifestyle technique" that uses one of the body's most powerful regulators of blood pressure...
It's your breathing. And the technique is called "slow breathing".
Now when you hear "slow breathing" you may automatically think of the expensive, computerized devices that have been heavily promoted on the Internet and in pharmacy chains.

But I'm going to show you something completely different - something that could just change your life...

That's right. If you can spare just 15 minutes a day (fifteen relaxing and enjoyable minutes) slow breathing may help you beat high blood pressure once and for all.
Let's go back to the beginning for just a moment:
April 15, 2001: The Journal of Human Hypertension announces a remarkable breakthrough by a pioneering team of hypertension specialists and medical researchers:

Their report is but the first of many to appear in medical journals, soon to be followed by the worldwide news media. You may have seen the reports yourself in newspapers, magazines or on TV news. At least 10 rigorous clinical trials document results like these:
·  Dramatic blood pressure reductions: top ten percentile of results averaging 36 points systolic and 20 points diastolic (top 10% of results)...

·  Average overall reductions of a significant 14 points systolic over 8 points diastolic...

·  Extremely high response rate: 82% of even resistant hypertensives responded to this method in a clinical trial published in the American Journal of Hypertension in June 2003...

·  Cumulative effects that continue building in both amount and duration over time. The results are significant, lasting and accumulating drops in blood pressure...

·  The means to avoid, reduce or even eliminate the need for potentially dangerous blood pressure medications and their side effects...

·  Life-enhancing related benefits like stress and anxiety relief, better sleep, increased energy and much more. In fact, this technique is often the beginning of a new and healthier lifestyle.

Are these the kind of results that would make a real difference in your life?

Surely not the 3 or 4 points systolic over a couple points diastolic like you might get with a lot of natural remedies like beetroot and chocolate (but not together!) are two foods that have made a splash in the media recently.
The good news is that these do reduce elevated blood pressure "somewhat" and so they show some good potential. Sadly, average reductions are not nearly enough for most people afflicted with hypertension. What's more, their effects are only short-lived.
No, most of us with serious blood pressure problems need double-digit drops. And those with only slightly elevated blood pressure want to catch it early and decisively.
These are surely the kind of results I was looking for... and I got them - after I had just about given up all hope of finding any natural solution.

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