Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Normal blood pressure diet

Do what I did - eat a smart diet, have fun with it, and lower blood pressure naturally - then, you'll have a normal blood pressure range. The entirety of this site is how to do this.
And, you won't be alone. Our many members will be supporting your efforts and cheering your success.
Diet will be the foundation of your blood pressure health program, but we'll give you many ways to support it and make it more effective.
No doom and gloom here about a drug for this and a drug for that. We'll leave that sorry task to the medicos.
Instead, some happy news - YOU can control your blood pressure with a blood pressure diet!
That said, let's glide into the world of blood pressure with our "politically correct" mantra:
To Achieve Normal Range Blood Pressure, lower blood pressure naturally by switching to a Normal Blood Pressure Diet!
Sound like a no-brainer? Maybe. But, what is normal anyway?
Six years ago I had what is considered normal adult blood pressure - 120/80, but then, mysteriously, it began to climb. I only knew that because the Red Cross measures your blood pressure when you give blood.
I knew nothing about how to lower blood pressure naturally, so I did what anyone might do - I went to a doctor.
"Yep, you have high blood pressure," the doc said with deep concern. What followed was WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, and a drug prescription for high blood pressure.
Fortunately, my mother had been a "doctor skeptic" and had given me a healthy dose of her attitude, so I researched the side effects (they scared me) of that drug.
That was enough to get me looking into alternatives to medication.
What I found out has dropped my average blood pressure from 170/90 to 140/75 without drugs.
And the pressure's still going down!
How about you? Do you want to lower blood pressure naturally? Is controlling high blood pressure your goal?
Well, controlling blood pressure with a normal blood pressure diet is the best way to start. That's what I did.
I'm not just talking about the famous Dash Diet either. There are many other diets, some of which might be better for you.
Lowering blood pressure naturally is within your reach.
In these pages, you'll learn what makes up a diet for high blood pressure - the right foods, supplements and herbs.
Soon you will be a normal-blood-pressure-diet pro, eagerly backing up your diet with the correct exercises, lifestyle changes, formulations, devices and monitors.
I'm a chemist, attorney and life counselor. I have researched this subject thoroughly for you.
Normal blood pressure is just around the corner from where you live.
Here you'll find all you need to know to lower your blood pressure naturally.
Let's get started.

Which high blood pressure diet is right for you?

Could it be the Dash Diet? Want to run faster? Just kidding. This is your basic no fat diet.
If this diet isn't your cup of tea, take a look at the Low Sodium Diet, also known as No Salt Diet or Salt Free Diet? Now, that sounds strange because without salt your body would be a dry bag of bones, but you might dig this if you love natural flavors.
If you don't like either of these diets, try the Vegetarian Diet. No meat, no fish. A rabbit or a cow would do very well on this diet. How about you? Love your veggies?
The next one is the diet of an entire group of people, so take a look at the Mediterranean Diet. This one appeals to me because it lets you eat certain kinds of healthy fats.
For healthy Mediterranean Recipes - visit my friend David's Gazpacho Recipe page at his Great Cutting Edge Mediterranean Recipes Website.
The new kid on the block is the Blood Type Diet. The theory of this diet is that ancient peoples ate certain foods. As these groupings of people were characterized by blood type, you would eat what they ate if you shared their blood type.
Another diet you might check out is the Raw Food Diet
A diet that fascinates me is the Life Change Diet. This diet for high blood pressure is unique. Okay, I confess. I invented it. This diet changes as you grow older. Where would you show up on it?
If you don't find any of these diets compelling, you might want to invent your own from the foods, supplements, herbs and formulations covered on other pages. I'll show you how to do that.
Whichever diet you choose to help you achieve normal blood pressure, I suggest that you work into it slowly. Stick with the foods you love for as long as you can.

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