Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recomended blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure monitors: which type of machine is recommended to use at home?

If you are considering buying a blood pressure monitor it is important that you make an informed purchase, it is worth investigating the quality and various types available before you buy a machine for home use. When you have decided and chosen the best monitor for you to use you can shop online at specialist medical supply merchants like Medisave where you will find excellent value for money and great discounts and offers on British Hypertension Society recommended models
Find the latest validated blood pressure monitors and save money at Medisave
Details of blood pressure monitors suitable for home use, compiled by the British Hypertension Society is a useful guide and listed below. All of the monitors on this list are digital upper arm monitors and have been through independent testing shown in research to be accurate and are currently available. Different size cuffs are available. 

Where can I buy an accurate Blood Pressure Monitor?

Medisave are leading suppliers of medical equipement to health professionals and the public in the UK.  They are the only UK stockist of all makes of British Hypertension Society validated machines from Microlife, Omron and A and D Instuments.  Make an informed purchase and trust machines that are considered accurate by the British Hypertension Society.

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