Monday, May 7, 2012

Diabetics should monitor blood pressure as well as their blood sugar

Amid worrying statistics showing that half of those with diabetes in the UK also have high blood pressure, the Blood Pressure Association is encouraging people with diabetes to monitor their blood pressure along with their blood sugar.
The complications associated with high blood pressure such as heart disease, stroke and kidney disease are even more of a risk if a person has diabetes, so it is vital that diabetics are helped to maintain a healthy blood pressure.
Diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, has warned that people with diabetes need to be aware of the hugely damaging effect that high blood pressure can have on their health and urged that reducing it should be a top priority.
Paul Newman, Chief Executive of the Blood Pressure Association agrees. He says,
“As the leading UK charity dedicated to blood pressure, the Blood Pressure Association exists to support all sufferers of high blood pressure and help them to lower and maintain a healthy blood pressure.
“We are always trying to raise awareness about the dangers of unchecked and untreated high blood pressure and encourage all adults to know their blood pressure numbers as they do their height and weight. Anyone who doesn’t know their blood pressure can easily get a quick and accurate test from their GP surgery or one of many high street pharmacies offering them.
“Diabetics are at increased risk of the effects of high blood pressure and need to be aware of their blood pressure numbers in case it is raised.”
He continues,
“Knowledge really is power where health is concerned. Taking control and managing chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure puts the patient in charge rather then being dominated by their condition.
“Home blood pressure monitoring is increasingly being used by patients to keep an eye on their blood pressure in between GP appointments and the BPA can advise on which home monitors have been clinically validated.”
Anyone diagnosed with diabetes that isn’t aware of their blood pressure numbers should ask for a test if they are not offered one. If high blood pressure is diagnosed, help and support to lower and manage it is available from the BPA.

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